OM Hungary News

OMer Gyöngyi served around the world, then the Riverboat led her back home to Hungary.

OMers work with a Hungarian church to invest in relationships through every season.

No Coincidence (15-Nov-2017)

The softball camp in Hungary was not originally planned. But there in the 38-degree (100° F) heat, prayers and decisions opened lives to the Lord.

Finding their voices (06-Nov-2017)

OMers help Hungarian children uncover their gifts through drama camp.

Three OM Hungary team members share what they’ve learned while serving as teachers at the International Christian School of Budapest.

A place to come ashore (18-Jul-2017)

After many challenges, the vision for a community centre becomes a reality.

The impact of baseball on young people’s lives in Hungary goes far beyond learning how to play a new sport.

An OMer in Hungary shares how God intervened in the lives of women in the sex industry through the Bus4Life ministry

Participants from a day of outreach to refugee families in Budapest share their experiences.

Refugee families experience a fun day away from the city provided by local mission workers.

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