Tata ministry

Church Plant and Ministry Team in Tata

Marcel and his wife Lea lead the team in Tata. They work together with the Tatai Baptist Church to reach out to people in need by providing them with food and clothes and helping them in practical ways, such as making their homes livable. By helping them we want to be instruments in the hand of our Lord, giving them the opportunity to meet with our Saviour.

At the moment we are trying to start a mission center of our church in a socially difficult area in Tata and we are working on a Christian meeting center where young and old can come for a talk, a cry, a helping hand and love being provided by our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Marcel and Lea were joined in September 2012 by Frans who wants to start reaching out to the young people of Tata through sports.

Next to this we are working in our church to let it be a place where we come to glorify our Lord and learn His will in all of our lives.

For more information, visit Tata Ministry on Facebook.


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