Summer Camps

Summer camps

Summer camps have been a big hit for Hungarian children. Working parents have the problem of how to occupy their children during the summer holiday. OM Hungary offers baseball and softball camps in Érd (where our office is located) and English camps in the countryside for children of ages 5 to18.

At the sports camps participants have practices morning and evening, and during the afternoon there is a time to share biblical "Life Principles". They also benefit from interaction with coaches all day, and for those who are residential, 24/7. Many times international Christian coaches join the OM Team to come alongside players to coach and encourage them not just with baseball skills but also with life skills as well.

Our English camps are held at churches to help their work and ministry, and to provide a place of follow up all year round. The camps last for one week in each location and the program is generally the same. Every day we have a Bible story and linked to it are English vocabulary teaching, games, crafts and much fun. At the daily devotional time each teacher (summer helper) has the opportunity to share his/her personal testimony. We find our camps to be a life-changing experience as many of the children really enjoy being with us and most of them for the first time in their lives meet born-again young (or older but young at heart) Christians.

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