Refugee ministryOver the last three years OM Hungary has become more involved in Refugee ministry here in Hungary. This came about because of contact we have developed with a family who themselves are reaching out to others in the refugee community. In the three years that OM Hungary has been partnering with Ashra*, we have come alongside her in helping with visits to a camp close to Budapest. Several times a month we bring hope and encouragement through various programs and provide clothing and special needs.

Ashra* and her family came to Budapest as refugees. Since 2009 they have been ministering to other refugees and Asians in Hungary. They initiated an Asian Christian Fellowship through their local church through which they invite other Asian people to come to their home for a time of fellowship, singing and teaching from the Bible. During their last few years in Pakistan they experienced growing persecution because of their faith and eventually had to leave under growing fear for their lives. Now, because of their own experiences, they have a growing ministry among the refugee, Muslim and Asian population. Because of the family's personal story, they are unique in this type of support as they have been through the same experiences as many of the people they minister to.

*name changed for security reasons

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