Mobilising Hungarians

OM Hungary's desire is to educate the Hungarian church about the need for missions and show them the many opportunities for World mission. The Great Commission is for all believers and for all places. Whether it be helping at an outreach with their own church in their home town or the other side of the world with an international team, they can get involved.

We use opportunities in large gatherings such as Christian conferences, or smaller local church preaching requests. Where ever possible Hungarian missionaries or ex-missionaries share their stories and encourage others to get involved in God's work around the world.

A long way from Budapest

- by Debbie Meroff

Viktor Szabo - Logos HopeViktor Szabo of Hungary has swallowed betel nuts in Taiwan, balut (fertilized duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell) in the Philippines and fried bugs in Thailand. "I have a missionary stomach," he explains. "I never say no when I'm offered something!" – a useful attribute when you're sailing on an international mission ship to different ports!

Viktor actually studied mathematics for five years back in Budapest, intending to become a math and religious education teacher. He had known about OM's ship ministry for several years and had thought of joining before he finished his studies. Taking a friend's advice, however, he decided to wait. God used this time of waiting to strengthen Viktor's desire to serve on the Logos Hope.

"I had just graduated and didn't have a job. I knew I couldn't rely on my parents since they had to provide for my three younger siblings. It was obvious that without God's help it would be impossible to raise support. But I knew what my part was and visited more than 16 churches, talking about the ship's ministry and offering the opportunity to partner in prayer or financial support. And God did His part! Around 40 people are currently supporting me financially, and many more in prayer. I even have three nuns praying for me!"

Viktor joined the ship in Penang, Malaysia, in September 2011, and was assigned to work in the book fair. "I decided I would find joy and contentment wherever I worked. Of course, you meet a lot of people in the book fair and it's interesting. But meeting 10,000 of them on one day can be stressful too! During sailing I also experienced working on deck, the engine room and pantry. And one day a week I do ministry on or off the ship."

"In the Philippines I was privileged to go to a tribe of former head hunters in the jungle. I also visited a city graveyard where people live and a pastor--a former criminal--lives among them. In Hong Kong we went to a drug rehabilitation centre on an island, run by Christians. I've been involved in dramas and learned some magic tricks and other visuals aids to share the gospel. Seeing other cultures has made me realise how much I have."

Viktor knows he has changed from the person he was back in Hungary. He keeps a journal and would like to write a book someday about his varied experiences. "I know not everyone is called to be on a ship," he adds. "The person who is raising children or a student who is a light to their community is doing ministry, too. It takes teamwork: everyone contributing to the kingdom. I want my supporters to see that they are equal partners."

As for the future, that remains to be seen. "Math is not the most important thing in my life, though I'm willing to use it if that's God's plan," Viktor says thoughtfully. "My great desire is to be involved in pioneer missions where there are no Christians."

Photo by Augustine Park

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