Book tableOM is well known for its literature ministry all over the world and through the ships ministry, but here in Hungary we also love to see good Christian Literature getting into the hands of Christian and non-Christians alike. During Hungary's communist era many Bibles were distributed secretly to Hungarians by OM. Now Christian literature is freely available here, although Christian bookstores are mainly in the larger cities. Through our outreach programs to smaller towns and villages we can also have an impact by bringing Christian materials to them. We can set up a book table and sell Bibles and Christian literature, bringing opportunities they would not usually have unless traveling farther away.

OM Hungary, in partnership with others, has also been instrumental in getting good books translated and published into Hungarian. Some examples are "No Turning Back" by George Verwer, and " You Can Change the World" by Jill Johnstone (prayer guide for children).

We are thankful for any financial help that is sent for literature ministry. This allows us to give non-Christians tracts, Christian CDs and booklets for free, as well as subsidize the cost of books for poorer communities.


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