Bus4LifeBus4Life is an initiative of OM Central Europe to help the Central European churches in their mission activities.

A well-equipped special bus serves as a mobile mission outreach centre, or as we in OM like to say, an "OM ship on wheels". the bus travels to church outreaches and provides services for the church, outreach teams and partner ministries. It accommodates a book exhibition and bookshop, and stores equipment for on or off board film clubs, children's programs and sport activities such as baseball, soccer or chess.

The Bus4Life ministry is committed to partnering with the national and local Christian church, helping the churches by providing quality Christian literature, ideas, supplies and people to help with local ministry and outreach. Bus4Life provides materials that 'bridge the gap' to help with reaching out to neighbours and challenging the local church to join both local and cross-cultural mission's outreach with the desired result of transforming lives and communities.


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