Our Team

Kapocs Attila & Marti

Attila (Hungary) joined OM Hungary in 2003 and has served as field leader for nearly 12 years. He also manages IT for the team and is passionate about mobilising and organising stewardship- and art-related outreaches such as the Bill Drake Band’s annual summer tour of Hungary.









 Terry & Rebecca Lingenhoel

Terry and Rebecca (US) moved to Hungary in 1991, when Terry served as OM Hungary’s first field leader. While raising their family here, they pioneered OM Hungary’s first ministries, including summer outreaches, street evangelism, and marriage conferences. In 2002, Terry started OM Hungary’s baseball and softball ministry, which has grown to become the largest baseball club in the country today. A teacher by trade, Rebecca is continuing her faithful service of more than 20 years as the music and Hungarian culture teacher at the nearby international Christian school.








 Jill Hitchcock

Jill (UK) joined OM Hungary in 1997 to work in hospitality ministry. She has since then taken on the roles of personnel manager and short-term missions coordinator. She’s ready to help in any area of ministry, assisting regularly with puppet ministry, summer outreaches, communications, and office management.










Csernus Zsolt & Ilona

Zsolt, Ilona, and their sons (Hungary) previously served on the OM ships Logos II and Doulos before returning to serve with OM Hungary in 2010. Zsolt cares for the maintenance of the office and OM vehicles, while Ilona leads the team’s puppet ministry, assists with summer outreaches, and has taken on the role of finance management.











Istvan Horvath

István (Hungary) has served with OM Hungary since 2000, working in ministries ranging from refugee outreach to divorce care to puppet ministry. He continues to work closely with the Hungarian Baptist Alliance in his main role today of church relations. He also coordinates the Bus4Life ministry and partnering pro-life outreaches. István assists with Hungarian communication and administration for the team, and around Christmastime he joins in children’s ministry by portraying St. Nicholas.








Tóth Krisztián

Krisztián (Hungary) joined OM Hungary in 2017 after coaching and playing in the OM-run baseball club for several years. Krisz came to faith in part due to the influence of his Christian baseball coaches, and he continues to play and coach while also leading the club’s youth group ministries and assisting with administration and summer camp outreaches. He took a short-term trip to Southeast Asia with OM in 2017 and would eventually like to return there with a vision for sports ministry.










Marcel & Lea Buchner

Marcel (the Netherlands), Lea (Hungary), and their family joined OM in 2010, working alongside their church in the town of Tatato minister to people living in poverty. Marcel led a team of OMers in Tata through 2017 and helped build the DOCK community center as a ministry to youth in the town. Lea continues to help lead the DOCK, while Marcel will succeed Attila as OM Hungary’s field leader from 2019.








Patrick & Jessica Alyea

Patrick and Jessica (US) joined OM Hungary in 2016 to help with the baseball and softball ministry. A lifelong lover of baseball, Patrick coaches and plays on multiple teams within the baseball club, assists with administration, and helps run the club’s off-season youth group ministries. Jessica manages the OM team’s English communications and assists with puppet outreach. She also plays on and helps minister to the softball team that Patrick coaches.










Suzanne Cole

A former softball player, Suzanne (US) joined OM Hungary in 2010 to help with the baseball sports ministry. She led and played on the club’s first softball team while also coaching multiple baseball teams and working to develop the sports nationally. Because of her teaching background, Suzanne was also asked early on in her time in Hungary to teach history at the nearby international Christian school. Today she has passed her sports ministry role onto others and servesfull-time as the Christian school’s history and social studies teacher.









Damásdi Dénes & Alyssa

Dénes (Hungary) and Alyssa (US) are ministering to international students in the university town of Debrecen while raising their young family. The couple hosts a weekly English Bible fellowship as Dénes continues his doctoral studies in missions. Alyssa previously helped the OM team with puppet ministry and short-term mission coordination.









Hendrik & Luisa Kettwig

Hendrik (Germany)joined OM Hungary for a year in 2017 to help with sports ministry. He assisted in coaching and played on different baseball teams while also helping with the club’s youth group ministries and summer camps. He plans to return in 2018 with his new wife Luisa, who will potentially help the OM team with finances and puppet ministry.











Frans & Eszter Van Aken

The Van Aken family serves with OM Hungary’s team in Tata. Frans (the Netherlands) previously participated inmissions discipleship training and sports ministry with OMin South Africa before joining OM Hungary in 2012. He now leads the DOCK community center in Tata in addition to serving in youth ministry with his church. Eszter (Hungary) previously helped with translation during summer outreaches and now assists with the DOCK and church ministries.





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